Pillows & Chairs!

By: Tax Credits

The family and I had the chance to visit the recently opened park in the outskirts of the city together with my girlfriend. When we heard about the park’s grand opening, we were mesmerized by the beautiful scenery they were advertising. When we went there, the park lived up to our expectations. It had a spacious green field, a lot of open trees and the breeze was refreshing. They were generous enough to provide the Picnic Tables that park goers can use for free. There were quite a few families present at the opening of the park. There were so many people that most of them were already staying at the Park Benches due to the shortage of tables. The best part of the park was the large lake situated at its center. When we saw this, the children asked permission to go for a swim...

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Fun outdoors

By: Rob Boudon

Since the hotel room in Ibiza , I will comment on the second day of the weekend we spent the Edukitos by Valencian lands .

Yesterday had been a major burst despite retire to the room at an early hour . In addition to not sleeping very little the night before you travel and what little we did in football + beach volleyball , I was standing.

We went on 2 different buses direct to Acuapark time , the largest in Europe , so I promised an interesting day . Along with other members of the command Santander , Lucia joined us ” Ladynukay ” and Eli Navarro , who had left Thalai health fucked in hotel room and knew who were the ones who a priori were getting more cane between slides lol.
The place was huge , with some amusement as interesting as feared ...

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